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Indie Bootcamp

Colorado VFX offers vfx training for indies.   Our Nuke class is more than just learning how to do one effect, Nuke for Indies teaches how to use the Nuke tools and compositing practices that will unlock the skills you need to design your own custom effects and achieve your compositing goals. 

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Course are taught by Thomas Tamura, Nuke Certified Trainer By The Foundry and principle artist at The Chalk VFX.  Thomas has worked on a range of indie projects ranging from one-off shots to over 400 comps for Sinbad's Fifth Voyage: starting Patrick Stewart.  In 2013 he composited shots for the Award winning Across The Sea, debuting in the US at Slamdance Film Fest in 2015.  Thomas also teaches Advanced Digital Compositing, in Nuke, at the Colorado Film School. 

Indie Bootcamp - Colorado Visual Effects

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